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Re: Calling All TTA Charting Addicts!

Originally Posted by JustSomeChickVee View Post
all of your charts look CRAZY compared the charts in the NFP manuals. it's kind of making me rethink NFP, how can you even tell when you're going to ovulate lol?
My charts normally are pretty decent, but I'm in the process of weaning my DD and my wake up times are super erratic and I often don't get a 3 hour stretch of sleep.

It's important to chart for a few months before really relying on NFP/FAM as BC. You need to see your own patterns and then it becomes a lot easier to check.

My temps and CF show pretty well. I also have secondary signs like feeling really cold an my legs aching around ovulation. I'm still figuring out the cervical position changes, as that doesn't seem to show a super clear pattern in my charts, but its still nice to be able to double check.
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