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Re: Insurance Question

Originally Posted by ClothDiaperingMama View Post
WOW!! Did you go to a high risk ob? Our total for having ds was 3500.00 altogether. {no c/section}. I feel for ya mama! That is a lot of money!
No. We're actually seeing a midwife at an accredited, free-standing birth center. I don't even have an OB. The birth center had to refer me to a local perinatal clinic for my u/s because they don't have that fancy equipment at their office. When all is said and done, this birth is gonna cost us around $2800 out-of-pocket. I shudder to think what we'd be paying if I had complications or had chosen to have a regular hospital birth.

Its kind of hard to believe we actually have insurance, huh? For those of you who think Michael Moore's "Sicko" is a big exaggeration, I'm living proof that the system is pretty messed up. Ironically, if we didn't have insurance and made a bit less money, we'd qualify for the state-sponsored health coverage and they'd pay 100%. Ah, the privileges of being "middle-class"....
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