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Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

Okay, DON'T read this if this is a gross topic for you . . .

My daughter has an extreme constipation problem, and I am looking for ideas to help her. She will hold in her bm until it gets huge and hard and dry because she thinks it's going to hurt, and then it DOES end up hurting, because she held it in so long! She will get REALLY cranky and walk sort-of funny and tell me her bottom hurts.

We talked about it to the pediatrician the last 2 times and she recommended a daily laxative (a children's vegetable-based one) for her for a few months, and then to start trying to wean her off the laxative. She's had the laxative for about 4 months now, but we are having a really hard time weaning her off the laxative. We gave her a stool softener once, and that worked quite well, but they are very bitter tasting, and she refuses to eat it again.

Things that do sometimes help: hot baths, increased physical activity, bending her legs when I see her straining, water with dishsoap in it (I do NOT feed this to her, but the girls "help" me do the dishes and they drink the water, despite ALL of my efforts to the contrary!), and greasy food

I have increased her fiber and fluids to the point that she ate practically nothing but vegetables and fruit for about a month, and I saw no noticable difference.

The weird thing is, she has an identical twin sister who eats exactly the same foods as she does, with no problems like this at all.

So, sorry this is so long, but I am really looking for some gentle answers for her problem. I'm hoping to solve this problem myself to avoid increased medical intervention.

Any ideas?
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