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Re: Nursing and libido

wow it is so nice to feel like i'm not alone. i really haven't felt like it at all since the baby was born 4 months ago. i basically wait for dh to initiate, and then put forth the effort cause, you know, it's not his fault, he deserves some lovin but mostly i just try not to fall asleep until he's done. i'm that uninterested. it really sucks. i'm sure it was like this after ds too, but i honestly just can't remember when i got "it" back. probably sometime after he weaned. i didn't get my cycle back until then either. and i TOTALLY know that my libido goes up every month around ovulation. there's definitely a connection. it's hard to tell if my lack of interest is because i'm not "o'ing" or if it's just cause after working all day, and then coming home to have a baby hang on my boob all evening, along with a clingy 3 yr old, i just want to scream "STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" when dh tries to get frisky
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