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Re: Do you ever feel judged regarding not circumcising?

Only by my parents. I think circ rates here are a bit higher than other parts of the country (we are always behind the curve) but it is getting lower everywhere. I can't say that people ever came up to me and asked if my son was or wasn't. I home school so I'm not terribly worried about the locker room but honestly when I was in high school you didn't shower after gym class, only if you did sports. I had two ex's and a best friend who were intact and not one mentioned any issues with name calling or teasing and we grew up in the 90's when almost everyone was circ'd. I will assume it comes down to no one checking out other guys penises, or at least if they do not being willing to talk about it. I hung out with the wrestling team and that was the one subject they didn't discuss (with the exception of the two guys who were dating each other, but that is a whole different topic).
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