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Re: Petition to Tell Infant Formula Makers to Stop Using Hospitals as Marketing Tools

Originally Posted by LaughingPeaMama View Post
I guess I never felt like out hospital pushed formula. With dd they gave her a bottle since her blood sugar was low and I was still in recovery and the pedi suggested supplementing when she quit having wet dipes since my milk wasn't in. With ds they asked if I was breastfeedIng and left it at that. I had to ask for formula when my nipples were so sore I couldn't latch. We had to ask both times and with ds they even asked which brand we preferred so no pressure at all. We got a bunch of baby coupons and only one was for formula so I guess everyone has a different experience.
You are lucky I went to a breastfeeding supportive hospital, saw the LC, and then was discharged with a big bag of formula. Luckily I knew to get it the hell out of my house ASAP, and did so.
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