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Im currently in the hospital where i delivered dd4 on sunday. They asked me if i was planning to breastfeed and that was that. There was no formula in the room. We did end up having to supplement feeding with 5ml of formula the first day because no matter how much i breastfed her bloodsugar would stay at critical. We cup fed her twice to get her levels back up and that was the end if it.

I have not felt marketed to at all. Hospitals need formula available for when patients can't or wont breastfeed . If formula companies are going to give free samples for marketing purposes i am fine with that. It seems to me that hospitals are really encouraging bf and only pulling out formula when a woman asks or it is medically necessary.

I was also visited by a bf consultant
making sure i was bfing right and to offer support. I think hospitals are really stepping up on the bf front and having formula with marketing materials from formula company isn't going to take away from that.

Eta to add i got a little take home bag with nursing pads, a hand held bf pump, coupons for storage bags and nipple cream. There is a coupon for two types of formula also but no more than what the lanolin and other companies did by putting their coupons in the bag.

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