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Re: My pantry runneth over. How can I plan to use up extra food??

I would start with what sort of thing you KNOW you have excess in the pantry. And start filling in things for meals

Lots of pasta: Spaghetti, lo mein, mac&cheese, pasta salad
Rice: Most Asian cuisine, spanish rice, fried rice, rice-a-roni, sushi rolls (with or without raw fish or meat at all), risotto, cilantro rice, soups
Canned beans: Taco bar, chili (baked potato bar w leftovers), beans and rice, chickpea salad, many soups, 3 bean salad, etc

If you start with 1 or two areas you will start finding other things you have lots of. Like I found 3 things of bread crumbs in the pantry when I cleaned it out. I made a lot meatballs for the freezer...and then told myself do NOT buy more breadcrumbs. :lol:

Good luck
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