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Re: Wheat free baking

So far my favourite is coconut flour. It tends to use a lot of eggs though. Also the bag seems expensive but sometimes you only need 3 TBS for a recipe and b/c of the combination of coconut and egg, it is very filling and a bag can last quite awhile. I've also used black beans to make "brownies" but just tried a coconut flour version and like it a lot better, though they're still not quite the same as actual brownies - more like a cake. I've made cookies with coconut flour too which our little ones and I liked; they'll also eat up coconut flour "pancakes" even if I don't sweeten them. I've also used ground up almonds to make cookies and buckwheat flour to make crepes. Nothing is really quite the same as wheat though.

eta: I've also used ground up almonds for almond flour and there are some recipes which don't even use flour but nut butters instead.

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