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Re: uuggghhh aaaaahhhhhhh

Hi Mama,
Things will get better. She cant stay awake forever. Can she? When Dakota was born, my 6 yr old, who up to this point had potty learned with ease, and slept all night for what seemed like forever, all the sudden started waking up 3-4 times a night. He told me that he just wasnt sleepy. Ok... well, mama was... so... I made sure there wasnt nothing he could hurt himself with in his room, turned on his lamp... put a baby gate in the door way.. and left him to play. After a few nights of this, he returned to sleeping through the night.

Im not telling you to do that w/a two yr old, but its what worked for me. If you do that, just make sure everything in her room is safe, and maybe use a baby monitor so you could hear her.
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