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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

My own husband was raised by a single Mom. She did all the cooking. But, he and his brother did everything else. He can work circles around me. I still do the "housework", but he works all the time around here.

My brother did EVERYTHING around the house by age five. He took on the man's role in our house at a young age. He was mowing the lawn by five, fixing our bikes, navigating us with the map from Chicago to Tennessee or Saint Louis. So, as an adult, he is very capable.

My ex was the baby of the family, never did anything for himself, even as a grown man. When we were together, he would go to work ONLY. I worked 12 hour days, took care of an infant, did all house work, cooking, shopping, yard work, laundry, everything. He would complain, whine, moan, and berate me for not getting my work done. I couldn't even sit down and watch tv without him telling me every few minutes that I had a kitchen to clean, or laundry to fold. IF he did do anything (he washed my van once) he wanted so much praise for it that it would have been easier to do it myself. He called three people to tell them he washed my car. I'm not kidding. "I washed Kim's car today!'. He was more work than it was worth.
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