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Re: Picky Eater- am I being too hard on her?

Originally Posted by *KaiMom* View Post
I'm not a short order cook, my kids eat what we eat or they don't eat. You'd be surprised some of the things my kids LOVE just because they tried it because they were hungry.
We are similar. My kids eat what we eat from the day they begin to eat solids. If they do not want what I eat then they can sit at the dinner table and participate in the conversation. My kids always get an afternoon snack around 4-5 so I am not too worried about them not eating dinner. I am a big believer in eating when you are hungry and saying no when you are not, if they tell me they are not hungry then that's fine.
Oh and for the record, one of my kids went to bed with out dinner once for screaming at the dinner table after being asked not to. She ate at 5pm so straight to bed with no dinner was not a horrible thing to do.
In your situation I would tell her that you will put the sauces on the side if it is possible (I wouldn't do it for crockpot dinners) and she can choose to eat it or not. At the age of 6 I would put food in the fridge and shelf in a cabinet. Put her name on it. She can go anytime to eat something from her place in the fridge or shelf but you will not make something too different for her. Plain and simple!
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