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I just took a class and while I don't agree, their big push was "parents provide, kids decide" what they eat. So if you provide pasta, meatballs and veggies but they only want pasta and meatballs than that's what they want. I personally want my kids to try everything. I don't serve nasty food, everyone else at the table likes it, it's your choice not to eat it. I was told by my 2 (almost 3) year old DC guy he did *NOT* want pears with his lunch today but when I gave him his "fruit" he loved it and asked for more. LOL He didn't want pears because that's what the baby ate. :-) My kids have all been good eaters. My 8yr old is the worst, doesn't like certain veggies, rice, certain chicken with sauce dishes. My 10yr old doesn't like peanut butter!?!?! Oh wait... Unless its covered in chocolate <eyeroll> My 6yr old is probably the BEST eater I have. Loves everything! He even eats things I can't stand! Hahah! Loves sushi, loves mushrooms, loves kippered snacks (dh's snack not me! Ewwwww!!) and will try anything once! My twins are good eaters too but have started becoming unhealthy eaters. They pick something and want to eat every last one we have. They ate 2,000 calories each in Keebler fudge sandwich crackers in 36hrs.
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