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Re: Trainers that can also act as a diaper...

I used Bamboo sandys and wool or fleece pull on shorties/longies.

It worked awesome! Bc they feel the wetness right away, it really aided in PL'ing. He started PL'ing almost immediately following starting with them. Also, we went coverless when at home so I could change him right away (which also helped with PL'ing) I never used any doublers or inserts.

But, we had to have all natural fibers bc my LO was sensitive to PUL, so that narrowed our field a bit.

But, if you are open to synthetics, you could do the sandys plus a standard cover over it. They are a wider diaper, so you will have to choose your cover carefully. I can't help you with what ones would work since I didn't use them.

We sized down on them bc the "recommended" size for his weight was HUGE. We were really happy after that

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