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Re: If you could afford any "trophy" diaper...

Originally Posted by zootzmomma View Post
I see diapers all the time that I would love to purchase, but can't justify since I have the ability and materials to make them. Tried elbees and I don't quite get the hype, LOVED the trimness but my guy soaks through them super quick. Bought a goodmama and the velour inside shrunk so much that the outside knit looks pure wrinkled and baggy now =( I do love Tami over at Dunk n Fluff. I bought 4 fitteds from her a while back when she was having a special and reach for those most often when little man is wearing woolies.
I had a lot of El Bees back in the day & loved them, but now they seem boring to me! i acquired one recently & sold it. My oldest DD has offered to sew diapers for me!
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