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Re: Septic tank questions.

I agree with the PP.

It is probably actually better for the "environment" than a regular sewer system. We haven't had any issues with ours. We have been here 6 years. We replaced the tank - because it was rusty with holes (just remembered this) before we moved in. We maybe have had it cleaned once since then (but I don't actually remember if we have). Our gravel lines are a little too close to the surface. In the summer you can see where the gravel lines are because it is green there and the rest of the lawn is brown. ( For the most part people in Oregon don't water in the summer they just let their lawns die). But my DH reworked out yard last summer and added more topsoil so hopefully it won't get the tread marks this summer.

The lines that go out from the tank are your "leach lines". Stuff is supposed to leak out and go out. If it leaks then that would be a problem with your tank. Our new tank has worked really well. I can't remember if it is plastic or concrete?

The people before us didn't have a garbage disposal, but we installed one and have never had an issue. I wash a ton (cloth diaper 3), and don't get special tp. It was really a pretty easy transition.
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