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Originally Posted by danielle
To answer the question about how co-ops are running, I think that's more of a mod question, honestly. Tierra Farms has been an edit heavy co-op in the past, so I'm not sure how it's going to look. Maybe we'll just work right off the spreadsheet and what fills, fills. I have participants from DS posting to the spreadsheet but not the website. I love for my co-ops to be interactive, but I'm flexible about how it shakes out. For the glass straws, it's just a code, with no fee and I don't collect any money. I'm asking people to post if they buy so I can see if I should be running this on DS in the future. It takes work to post these so if no one is interested... well you know. I will open Frontier on DS this April 21st, so we'll see how that goes too. People kind of have to post WIPs for that, so it may be tricky or just have lots of updated posts. I hope this was informative from the perspective of a co-op host. We don't have any special super powers, so we are playing it by ear.
yes very informative! Just was wondering if anything changes for participants mostly and you answered that. Thanks so much!!
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