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D&C Question... UPDATE - LIKELY M/C

Well I wish could say it is good news. The sac grew by just a few days and there is stll no baby. By my dates I should be 9.5 weeks (DTD 2/13) so I guess we are resigned to the fact that we will have a miscarriage. Still waiting for my Dr. to call to discuss our options. At this point I will probably schedule a D&C for next week. I thought about going natural but I've had 2 c-sections and labor is dangerous for me. From what I hear, m/c can be very intense... Plus I'd like to get the remains tested to see what went wrong. I'm just so sad about this. I don't know if DH will want to try for another one now. We have had 2 babies and they both have some issues. Correctable but still issues. This was a nice surprise baby and would likely have been our last.

Well it's possible that I don't have a viable pregnancy so my Dr. will recommend a D&C if there is still no baby in there on Friday. As of last Friday (7.5 weeks dated by u/s, probably 8 weeks by my dates) there was just a sac.

I'm so conflicted. I've read too many stories that the baby showed up later on and was perfectly fine. I'm terrified of a natural m/c b/c I'm home all alone from 5am to 8pm and DH is hours away at work. I have 2 boys to care for. I can't be debilitated. But what if... What if the baby decides to hide out for another week or two?? I kinda feel like I would be going in for an abortion if I had a D&C and don't know if I can live with that.

I know it's potentially not even a decision I will need to make but I need to be prepared to talk to my DR. He's in favor of D&C because the recovery is better and much less traumatic experience for me. And I agree on those grounds. But should I try waiting another few weeks and if I start to cramp and bleed, go for a D&C then?

So sorry, I don't want to upset our preggo population but wasn't sure where to post this. I'm so sad. I've been crying a lot today. I still feel pregnant (tired, emotional, bloated, hungry...). I never had m/s so that is not an indicator. I don't know what to think... If there was no baby developing would I still feel pregnant? I guess it's all hormones that control that...
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