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Re: D&C Question...

I had a similar experience with an ultrasound at 10 weeks 5 days.. showed no baby, by that point, i was spotting and knew we should see something.. i wanted to wait a few days on the D&C and i ended up m/c naturally at 11 weeks .. now, i don't know if i could have made the decision to have a D&C that fast.. but i sure wished i had.. my m/c was horrible .. it was like 6 hours of labor and bleeding so heavy that i just had to sit on the toilet .. i could not care for DD at all for 4 hours of that and i was completely wiped out from blood loss for 2 days after that.. i couldn't even walk ..

so. if you don't have the help, and you start to have spotting.. i'd recommend you go for the d&c, i was 'lucky' in that i spotted for 4-6 days before the m/c .. if you want to wait an extra week and have an extra u/s to make sure there is no growth/baby i don't see anything wrong or crazy about that at all .. i'm just saying all this because a natural m/c can REALLY be painful and traumatic and no one told me that when i was making my decisions..
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