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For my personal stash, I am ISO:
-Diaper Sprayer
-Old Style Gro-Baby inserts (ones without TPU backing)

I also teach Natural Childbirth Classes and also Cloth Diapering Classes to expectant parents. I would love to have more examples of NB fluff to show them to get them excited about Cloth Diapering.

This is what I would love add:
-Gro-Via AIO NB
-Lil' Joey
-Fuzzi Bunz XS
-Simplex NB
-Tots Bots Tiny Fit
. . .and anything else that you loved that would help new parents start Cloth Diapering!

This is what I already have:
-GMD oranges
-Heiny Hugger NB
-ME Sandy's NB
-Thirsties Duo Cover Size 1
-Bummis Superbrite NB
-Prowrap NB
-BumGenius XS

Thanks in advance, Mamas!!
WAHM (natural childbirth instructor) mommy of three boys, 2008, 2010 & [B] 2014[/B

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