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could really use some encouragement!

I am 39 weeks today. My due date is the 28th.

Physically I'm doing great for 39 weeks. No major aches or pains, other than heartburn and nausea I'm doing well.

But mentally I'm DONE.

I know that pregnancy is 40+ weeks, and I know that the longer baby is in the better off he or she is. I know of this logically. But I can't get over the anxious "I CAN'T WAIT, HURRY UP!" feeling.

This mixed with everyone saying "OMG you haven't had that baby yet" and ladies in my FB mommy group with scheduled c-sections and early inductions (I'm the last to deliver).... these is not helping! And since I am feeling so good, it literally feels like I will be pregnant FOREVER which is so discouraging.

So I came here. Can you ladies please knock some sense into me and remind me that this is a GOOD thing???


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