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Re: Ok mammas i need your input

Assuming she is a good eater and gets plenty of calories elsewhere, almond milk is great. You might also consider hazel nut milk and coconut milk (although coconut milk can leave a bit of a film in your mouth.) If you prefer animal milk, consider goat milk. It's much more similar to human milk than cow milk. Just make sure it's fortified with vitamin D and remember that it's much lower in vitamins B-6 and B-12 than cow milk so you might need to supplement those. I would avoid rice milk and soy milk. With such a young child, I would also avoid raw milk.

Additionally, cow milk poses some health problems that are typically overlooked when people talk about why kids should drink it. The brains of young children rely on essential fatty acids to develop. Cow's milk is loaded with cholesterol, which is bad for your heart but which also blocks the absorption of EFAs. Additionally, cow milk can actually cause osteoporosis.

I'm sure you'll figure out what's right for your kiddo. Best of luck, mama! =)
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