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Originally Posted by dressagemom
I think with raw milk, it is probably a "try it and see" sort of thing. She may do fine with it, she may have trouble with it. I found that my two who had trouble with milk did fine on raw milk in small amounts, especially when I cultured the milk into kefir. Kefir seemed to make it digestible enough that they could tolerate it in smoothies and such with no problem. Personally, I would not use plant milks, because they are pretty much empty calories, IMO. I would rather make sure that everything they are eating is nutritionally dense, esp. when they are in the beginning stages of learning to eat solid foods. Of course, not everyone shares my opinion, so do what you feel is best for your family.
Thanks. Yeah we got a quart and so far she seems to be tolerating it well. She likes the way it tastes too. I understand the risks it has, but she doesn't like soy milk or the others. She likes the lactaid, but I want something not processes the crap outta for her. This is local and from a good farm. I plan to get another quart for her.
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