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Re: Being forced back to a doctor...

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
Getting a pap isn't a bad thing, is there a reason you are so adverse to one?
You can refuse internal checks at the end of the pregnancy, I just don't know why you wouldn't want a pap to make sure everything is ok.
I just had one before the pregnancy and have always had normal results. I just do not see why I would need another one so soon - they are not comfertable and do not feel good - so why should I have one again? My husband does NOT cheat on me nor do I work in the medical field so the oddes of me getting something is rare. Knowone in my family or extended family has ever had cancer (any kind including breast).

I guess I just dont understand why anyone would want one if they JUST had one?! I am suprised that someone would want multiple paps in a very shrot period of time - really people like them?!

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