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Re: Being forced back to a doctor...

Well, you pretty much know the drill already, so I think you've answered your own questions :-) You can refuse anything you would like. Best case scenario, your providers are accommodating of your wishes. Mid-case scenario, they accommodate but begrudgingly, lecturing you, etc. Worst case, they kick you out of the practice.

Since it sounds like you only have the one practice to use, I would go to the visit and feel it out. Make your requests known. If they give you a hard time, you can decide at that point to either live with the somewhat antagonistic relationship or just go with the flow and accept their routines. It's really up to you, and none of us can really advise you because we don't know the providers and how they will react. I've found every provider to be different. Some really push for the "routine" kind of stuff you are talking about, others not so much.

I will say though, that since you have JUST had a pap, that shouldn't be any problem at all. Just explain that you had one quite recently and you will be glad to sign the release required in order to have the record of it sent to their office, but you do not wish to repeat the test so soon. Excepting when my opinion of "soon" differs sharply from the provider, I have never had any provider argue against that. Good luck with the switch, mama!
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