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Re: Washer and Dryer questions

We have a HE, front loading, GM washer and dryer set. While they clean much nicer and are gentler on the clothing than our old top loaders I wouldn't recommend them. Definitely if you can go with another brand do it. The problem is the soap sticks in the rubber thats in the front of the washer so you can have a load of wash completely spun "dry" and there are soap bubbles where the door opens so you have to do another load with no detergent to really get your laundry clean. Not very energy efficient at that point. Also, while there are a lot of nice presets its not 100% customizable. For example, I can't set it so that my extra prewash is with cold water while the main wash is hot water while doing DS diapers. Instead you have to do a speed wash w/no detergent on cold water and then a second was with an extra rinse on hot water. And then if the soap isn't all the way out? Still ANOTHER wash on speed wash with no detergent. Again. Very aggravating.
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