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Need advice

I recently sold some diapers & covers here. I've only gotten positive feedback from everyone that has bought from me. I made sure I took close up pics, inner & outers of everything & listed any staining etc because some of the items were a bit more worn than others & I didnt want anyone upset.

The other day I got a PM from a buyer who states that I "misrepresented" one of the items she purchased from me & wanted all of her $$ back for that item. Now, I priced it pretty cheap to begin with & it cost me a little over $2 to ship it to her, plus I have a premier paypal acct so I pay fees on ALL payments I accept. I offered to refund her 1/2 the shipping & the price minus fees for that item. She emailed me back stating that NO, she wanted ALL her money back & that I never said it was stained, etc, but I KNOW I did because I didnt want this kind of situation to happen! So I offered to send her more than the item price - shipping, STILL not good enough. She wants to pay to send it back to me, I said I'd send her the $$ and she could keep the cover (it would equal to what she paid PPD for the item) STILL not good enough for her! I am at my wits end here, I think I've been very fair & I've tried reasoning with her. I'm afraid that no matter what I do, I'm going to end up with a negative feedback because of all of this & she's using feedback to her advantage. I really feel screwed at this point. I could refund her all the $$ and STILL end up with a negative.

So, what would you do? Am I being fair?
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