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Re: Those who homeschool loosely/relaxed....

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
I think what you have listed is fine. She doesn't have to have history at this point. If you want some, that's fine too. Can I ask what your congregation is using for Bible Study? Is it a kids program, adult, or mixed ages? And yes, I think that kind of history is just fine. About the only history we did for a whlie was read the Laura Ingalls books. My DS loved it. Right now the only history we are doing is a bit of Bible stuff, and DS has taken an interest to Magic Tree House books, so there's a little there, and a George Washington book that he likes (a dull one, IMO). There will be plenty of time for more formal history down the road.
The book we recently completed is called Bearing Thorough Witness and the one we just started is God's Word for us Through Jeremiah.

The books have illustrations, diagrams, time lines and other visual aides. There are also boxes that contain biographical info about certain people or events or places being discussed. The study is geared towards adults mainly, but it is question and answer format. So a paragraph is read, a question is asked about the info in the paragraph and then you can volunteer to answer by raising your hand. Children aren't separated from their families in a Sunday school or the like, the whole family is encouraged to worship together, so often little kids want to participate, which is fine. My own kids (with a little help and some practice ) often prepare answers to the paragraphs so they can participate. ... which is good b.c that is public speaking, right? kids are welcome to participate if they want to.

So the material is adult, but the kids are taught with the adults and can engage in the study.... so I guess that's multi-age?

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