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Re: Those who homeschool loosely/relaxed....

My dd is going to turn 4 in a couple weeks. So far we have just been living life really. I try to encourage things she enjoys ( dinosaurs, animals and the moon currently) and keep educational stuff aro6nd. She learned her numbers, basic math, abcs ane phonics through many shows like leapfrog, she loves the magic school bus, and we read aloud from whatever book she is interested in.

Withnour tax return we are going to invest in a box of the month, and I am going to try to build on the projects in there monthly. I also want to buy the little passports package and either start on Muzzys or Little Pims for Spanish. As far as phonics/reading, I am still deciding between a few things. We will do science projects, math projects etc for fun throughout the year when we see things we want to try. She loves puzzles, blocks, tanagram, and all things umizoomi, lol. Im not planning any real schedule either so we are still probably closer to unschooling oe eclectic schooling for pre k.
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