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Re: Keeping rooms clean. I stink at this parenting gig.

Originally Posted by oneduckstuck5 View Post
I would start training her to take out one toy at a time and clean it up before taking out the next thing. We are still inthat training process here! Here we have one toy per bin and we take out one bin at a time. I also declutter regularly and try to keep only good toys.

Once I have told them what I expect and we've practiced, I dole out consequences for not following through. Here that usually means chore not done, child doesn't eat. It's a great motivator!
I don't have enough space for one toy per bin. I would need a play room and we don't have that.

Here's what I do have... so everyone can see... maybe someone has some good suggestions for our current organization methods...

In the living room:

Pink bin dedicated to "baby" toys
One bin for Mr. Potato Head and his parts
One bin for blocks/wooden train/block puzzle (basically all wood toys live here)
music table
push-walker baby toy
fold-able racetrack

In DS room:

Legos in a bin w/a lid
play kitchen w/all stuff stored inside
A wide shelf w/a drawer for other things like: racetrack and hotwheels cars, little people farm, and random stupid cheap plastic toys.

In DD's room:

Legos in a bin w/a lid
A box with a doll house and all accessories in it
4 drawers for everything else: Dolls, doll clothes, dress up stuff, and purses

I don't think it's a lot, really. I have 3 kids, soon to be 4. I like the baby stuff in the living room b/c then I can keep an eye on the littlest one(s).

My youngest now is getting old enough to play with the two older ones. So maybe I should pare down the baby stuff I have. It just doesn't seem like a lot to me, though. Is it a lot?
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