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Re: Keeping rooms clean. I stink at this parenting gig.

Originally Posted by momnixon View Post
Dunno if it helps, but we keep all toys like that (sets of things) in our guest room. They aren't allowed in there (it locks). I get them a set to play with (or a set each) and they can have something different when we clean up and put that set away.

We also have daily toy bins that have random toys and puzzles and books in them and everything just goes in a big Rubbermaid bin. We switch the bin out daily-ish.

This helps my 4 year old, who is the one who is hard to get to help out with cleaning. The other two are on it, even the 15 month old! Ha.
I don't have any space to do this.

But I think it's a fantastic system. I would LOVE to have them "check" out toys and then have to "check" them back in to get a new one out. (like the library). I just have no space to house the toys where it won't look terrible.

I need storage options. And I am just broke as a joke. I think that might be at the root of my problem here....
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