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Re: Food for thought: Food Labels i.e. trans fats

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
DH is a chemist. I am "NOT ALLOWED" to buy any hydrogenated oils or things that contain them. He says because a human body can't process them. We use olive oil,butter, or animal fat (like bacon grease-yum!). Margarine is not allowed in the house. It's probably one of the very few health things he actually cares about.

*DH has super low Cholesterol. And I have good cholesterol levels.

Hehe, my MIL brought margarine on a family camping trip; when my boys found out what it was, my 7 yr old ds literally recoiled from it in horror

Another labeling trick I've noticed is MSG is never listed as such, it's always down as 621, so if you don't know your additive numbers, you wouldn't know.
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