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Re: Getting frustrated with starting to cloth diaper

Originally Posted by luvof3boyz View Post
You could post a pic with her in a dipe to have the mamas see what they think. Just because it may not be snug in the leg does not mean it will leak. All my dipes are lose in the leg and I have never had a leak out a leg. Just the top and that was because I was securing them to tightly and was getting compression leaks.
Don't give up mama. You will love cd once you get going. I have a Grovia AIO that I could send to you for you to try and then you could send it back to me.
I was thinking about posting pics. I think I really just need to start using them and see which one works the best. I wish FB Elite were velcro, I think I could get a better fit that way. And thanks for the offer on the Grovia but I live 25mins away from Nicki's Diapers retail store. I have tons I gotta return anyways from trying stuff out so I'll probably make a run Friday and get a Grovia. I was also looking at gdiapers, does anyone know if they fit a skinny baby well? I know they are sized but maybe they would fit better that way? I ordered a Sprout Change, we'll see how it does when it gets here. Thanks for all the advice ladies, I might post pics of her in her dipes tomorrow and see what yall think.
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