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Re: Twin Reality Check

i dont think a twin pregnancy should automatically be considered high risk and really disliked that aspect of being pregnant with our girls. we found out at 6weeks that there were two, spontaneously conceived, and a bit of a shocker since we weren't officially ttc...well, maybe i was...haha but it was still on the table for discussion whether or not to try for #4...then we ended up with #s 4 AND 5...

but anyways. my pregnancy was healthy and while it is definitely different to be pg with twins...and's not impossible and really quite magical. our birth went well, they were both born at home, both breech. i learned a lot about birth and pregnancy with my twin pg and am very grateful for the experience. it's just so special.

i would love another set of twins for the joy and wonder and pure adorableness...tho, it's a LOT of work having so many under 5...i think your benefit is having your other children be older. they can help out with grabbing diapers or snacks or whatever.

my youngest at the time the twins were born wasn't even 2yo yet so we were pretty crazy busy for the first months. we are still breastfeeding and cloth diapering the twins who are nearly 2 now! i finally feel like we are out of the weeds...tho we did end up hiring a nanny and a maid in the we're down to two nanny days a week and the maid still cleans once a week...just be ready to ask for lots and lots of help.

i hope you get everything your heart desires. cant wait to hear how it goes!
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