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Re: Twin Reality Check

I had my twins by IUI. My infertility was because of PCOS and my husband has low sperm count too.

My situation was different than yours. You already had two successful pregnancies. Your body knows how to do all this. You know you can carry and how your body reacts to being pregnant.

We TTC for 2 years and going thru infertility DH and I both wanted twins because I didn't want to go thru the infertility process more than once. If you haven't done it, it's very time consuming, pretty invasive, can be expensive if insurance doesn't cover it. The drugs increase your risks of cancer. I knew I wanted at least two children and for me twins was the easier and faster way to get there. I had so many follicles they asked me a few times how I felt about having multiples. I couldn't imagine even being lucky enough to get PG, much less to be blessed with multiples. In my heart I knew that I would not reduce from triplets to twins. Quads would have given me a really hard decision. At that time in my life I don't know that I could have reduced even with quads. My sister has twins who are now 10 years old, I *thought* I knew what I was getting into since she lives 3 blocks away. I had no clue. LOL

It was a 3 year journey for me to get pregnant and hold my babies in my arms. Pregnancy was hard but I got thru it. I had a shortened cervix, bed rest at 24 weeks, GD, Pre-E and a TON of doctor appointments, basically like once a week the entire pregnancy. I know some people have "easy" twin pregnancies. But I think more often than not it is harder and should always be treated as high risk. I don't see why anyone would opt for less prenatal care and risk your babies and your own health. No one has a magic ball to see the future. If you are eligible for more extensive care, take it. I was planning on a c-section from the beginning and ended up having to have one for pre-E anyway. My sister had hers natural. You get what you get. I would just say if you end up getting PG with twins you treat yourself as high risk. You don't over do it. The second half of pregnancy gets hard. The last few weeks are brutal. I think prenatal care if KEY to having a healthy pregnancy.

My girls are 18 months now and it is VERY hard (for me). I went from no kids to twins and it has been difficult. I have little to no help. My husband works 16 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Everything is easier if you have help. ) Doing it virtually alone is really hard on me, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Statistically they say about 50% of people who seek IF treatments end up with multiples. But the risks of higher number multiples quads and up is still pretty low. You have already made you decision so this is all moot anyway. But in your situation... since you pretty much know what you are getting into, I would also have transfered two. Whatever will be will be )

So... how soon will you know if they stuck?
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