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how to go from commando to panties and pants?

i know i've been posting a lot, but i'm am soo new to this and i don't really ahve other friends that have even gone through it. i truely rely on the mamas on here for's tough being the first of your friends to have kids!

so dd has done great so far with PTing. i started on 2/13 and she has had few accidents overall and yesterday she went all day with no accident...she doesnt even tell me every time she has to go. she'll just walk over, sit down and go, and then after stand up and shout "i did it!!" so all is going well.

but, she's been commando this whole time. how do i start with her panties? i bought her minnie mouse ones because she loves minnie and mickey. i've tried them on her and she does have a hard time pulling them down on her own. and she also did pee in them a few times. not sure if she still is thinking they are a diaper. can any one offer advice on how they transitioned from commando to panties and panties with pants?

thanks mamas. this board has truely been a life saver. you ladies are the best!
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