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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Agree with the last few posters.

Personally, I too would have probably expected a "thank you" and would have even been hopeful to be able to keep something from the order as a token of their appreciation. That would have been a sure way to win my affections and continued support of their store.

A few years ago at walmart, the cashier handed me back an extra $100 in change. I don't even know how she managed it. But this was back when I was only shopping once a month and my grocery cart was overflowing. I had tons of stuff. So I pointed it out. And it literally took an hour and a half to resolve. I was beyond irritated. I did the right thing. And they had to get management over. RETURN every single item in my cart. Go through all the money in the register. And then RECHECK me out. I was pissed. I expected some gratitude at least. When it took so long, I expected some sort of gift card to compensate me for my time. But I received nothing. Even after asking for some sort of compensation. Such is life.

That being said... to say you will never shop their again because of this is a little... extreme. You did the right thing. Because someone didn't go above and beyond isn't a reason to never shop there again. Or if it is for you, then so be it. But it seems like with that kind of attitude you are setting yourself up for many, many disappointments in life. Personally, I have bigger fish to fry. I prefer other stores to Walmart, but I'll still shop there on occasion. It still has it's place. I vented to my DH about it, and have not talked about it again or even thought about it until reading this thread.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But just don't get offended or upset when other people have different opinions and experiences than you. There are enough CD stores for us to all be happy.
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