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Re: Here's why I'll never order from Cotton Babies again

Originally Posted by lakemama View Post
Here's a note that I wrote to Cotton Babies, because our time matters, and they need to appreciate that.

I ordered on Black Friday and received my order this past Monday. However I also received a duplicate order of a cart that I cancelled, valuing $75 in merchandise. I checked my Paypal and wasn't charged. So I sent an email to customer service indicating what happened and advised that I would gladly repack this order and send it back if they would send a call tag. Two days later I get an email reply with instructions what to do. NO THANK YOU included. NO thanks for being honest and doing the right thing. NO thanks for taking the time to let us know and for repacking and shipping it. NO thanks, we appreciate your time.

Really?! I would have been a happy customer with one simple thanks.

You made a mistake, which happens. I was honest and I let you know and returned the goods that I didn't pay for. I could have kept them and you'd have been none the wiser. I'm trying to help your bottom line because I value small business. But what I value about small businesses is customer service. Which didn't happen.

So you're welcome. But you've lost my business going forward, and there are MANY other appreciative customer service oriented companies that I will support. Because that matters to me and a lot of other Moms out there
I sincerely apologize you were not properly thanked for your honesty and consideration in returning the extra products. On behalf of Cotton Babies, I can honestly say that we greatly appreciate your honesty, and are very thankful that you were willing to return the products. I'm very sorry that this was not conveyed to you in the beginning of your communication. I'm not exactly sure who answered your email, but I will mention this situation to our Customer Service manager so she can address this issue with her team.


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