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Re: How much school has your LO missed?

Easily 15 days or more are missed, some years it is closer to 30 days but my son has multiple medical problems and an IEP. I know it is standard practice around here for doctors offices to write excuses. I usually don't bother and just write the excuses myself because DS's school isn't worried about a fake illness. Matter of fact the only thing they have required from the doctor was medical clearance to return to school after long bouts of absences.

You may just want to call the front office and ask to speak to the person in charge of attendance records. She/He can give you the 411 on what you need but where I am you don't worry until they miss more then 10 days and even then school administration said excessive absences didn't come into play until he was old enough to fall under the state's age requirement for being in school which in Alabama was 7 years old (I think they may have lowered the age recently though). I am sure attitudes and policies vary from school to school and state to state though.

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