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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Problems with parents and in-laws are the main reason we don't make grandparents a big deal in our family. Both our families have had problems with us getting married to begin with my father has control issues and my MIL well she wishes DH was still breast fed - not like he ever was but ykwim. They are CRAZY possessive of the girls and so we kinda cut them off because the weird attention causes the girls to misbehave and act weird - even over the phone. MIL talks baby talk to Zay telling her she "better know grandma and love me because that's important" that's too much pressure and Zaylee know it. Furthermore MIL took Zay from me at 3 days old and wouldn't give her back even though she screamed for 30 minutes because she was hungry. So yeah I'm probably a a hard &$* when it comes to the grandparents - but I don't let my kids act ridiculously so I won't let the parents either lol. Anyway end of my pregnant rant....I'm partially just mad at them tonight anyway so that makes it worse
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