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Originally Posted by Kiliki
Does your card have a VISA or MasterCard logo on it?

VISA has fraud prevention services - which is what PP's are referring to about being called about out-of-state charges and whatnot. VISA's fraud prevention dept. keeps track of strange (unusual FOR YOU) charges made with your card and calls you about them. They also refund any fraud immediately.

I don't think this has to do with your bank, I think it has to do with the type of card you have.

If you DO have a VISA or MasterCard and you are going through this, you should srsly call VISA or MasterCard directly and speak with someone there about what is going on. They offer these services to ppl who carry cards with their logos on them.

I'm so sorry mama. That really stinks.

We have a VISA debit card and our numbers somehow got stolen and the ppl used our card number to buy like, over $1300 worth of gas at various gas stations across the state. I was really miffed, but there was nothing I could do except file a report with the financial institution and accept their "conditional refund" (which meant they would refund the money back but if they completed an investigation and found that I did indeed make the charges, they would take the money back out and then prosecute me - no problem with me, I knew they weren't my charges!). All of that was possible b/c of the provisions through VISA, though.
Interesting! The card does have visa logo on it !

Thank you all for all the helpful advice and kind words...i think its going to all work out in the end...but I am past ready for it to be done already!
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