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Aack the holiday drama has started already (rant)

Just wanted to quilt in peace and go to bed early. Is that too much to ask? :-(

On one side, we have a violent convicted felon and lots of people too polite to say. "I don't want him around my kids." I can 't blame them... It's really hard to tell your parents you refuse to have your kid and your brother in the same house. Maybe ever. But I did it , and so can you. Man up.
Pass the wine, please.

On the other side we have ongoing prima donna drama compounded by my ILs who, while sweet, are clueless to the monster they have created. I am trying to be a good DIL. Please allow me to say two things that cannot (should not) be said IRL:
1. You reap what you sow, honey. You can only make so many nasty comments about the family (most of which are lies, btw, i know this for a fact) before they decide to stop associating with you. A teensy bit of effort is all that was called for, but it is too late. So don 't whine to me about not having family to visit on Christmas Day. It was always your choice.
2. I understand that you want to protect your kids, and I appreciate that it extends to us DILs. However, it seems like the one who apparently gets unlimited Camp Nana time should be expected to exert herself a wee bit , on occasion. Yes, you want to spend time with your grandsons, but the fact that your granddaughter is not moving, and her daddy comes home at night, doesn't make her less deserving or less in need of, your love and attention. I know that you love her. I just worry that some day she'll resent you, the same way I resent my parents.

Thank you for the free therapy. Anyone else wish it was Jan already???
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