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Re: Co-sleeping death - not sure how to feel now

That is terrible...I'm so sad for that mother but I do think the reality is that it can happen easier than we think. DS2 usually sleeps in his pack and play next to my bed and I nurse him in bed sitting upright when he wakes up. He must have been about 1-2 weeks old when I woke up with my nursing pillow still attached and I couldn't find him. I was burping him and fell asleep. He slipped down in the middle between my husband on his side and I and he was covered up by the sheet. I FREAKED out but thanks be to God everything was okay. DS1 slept in our room until he was 7 months old but I was considering moving DS2 tonight and then I read this post. I think it is time. I would be more awake nursing in the rocking chair in his room than in my bed.
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