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Re: Co-sleeping death - not sure how to feel now

How sad. I am so sorry. I wouldn't second guess your cosleeping beliefs. More babies die in cribs each year and in car accidents but people don't second guess those choices. Babies sometimes die in cosleeping situations but if practiced safely, it is very unlikely to happen. The reality is that one should never fall asleep nursing a baby, never use pillows when cosleeping with a baby, limit covers, never cover the baby with blankets or sheets, and be very careful about the headboard and side rails. The cosleepers should never drink alcohol before sleeping nor take any drugs that might impair thinking or make one sleep deeper. When these safety tips are practiced religiously, babies do not die in cosleeping situations except for SIDS.

So, people need to stop fretting. Cosleeping is not the enemy. A baby can die in a crib, too. But here are some tips from a world authority on cosleeping about how to do it safely.
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