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I think my dd has some sort of allergies. She started dropping down the weight chart as soon as she started solids, and has only gained 2lb in the past 6 months. She still have very runny green poops at least 3 times a day and vomits regularly. Lately she has been waking up screaming and her belly is rock hard. She has always scratched at her back and neck to the point of drawing blood but lately it has been really bad....her legs, neck, stomach and back are covered in scratches and scabs. I have isolated a few foods that give her rashes, she gets huge hives if a tomato touches her skin and oranges give her a horrible peeling diaper rash. Her cheeks have always been red and scaly looking and she usually has at least one patch of rash/dry skin somewhere on her body.

Does this sound like a food allergy? Can you get allergy testing done at 12 months?
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