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Re: At what age did you go to toddler bed?

Originally Posted by momma2three View Post
My oldest 2 were in toddler beds at 10.5 months. You might think I was crazy, but they weren't staying in the crib. They do a pull-up and then kick their leg until it went over the rail and then lean forward until they fell out of their crib head first. They did the same thing out of the playpen. Crazy kids! When I made the switch, they did better than they did in the crib. They needed the door closed though, otherwise they wouldn't go to sleep and we kept the regular monitor on. Just make sure the room is completely child proofed before making the switch! My youngest will be 1 in a week and she hasn't tried to get out yet, so I have no clue when I'll switch her. Probably around 18 months, though.

Ouch! It amazes me what they can get their little bodies to do! His room is close to being child proof so I would only need to remove a few things. I'm going to talk it over with dh and see what he thinks.
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