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Re: Refrigerator Oatmeal?

to chime in, I've done the refrigerator oatmeal too, always good and you don't even have to have the yogurt if you just use milk. Preserves on it are yummy, you can just make jars of oatmeal, then add flavors as you eat it - I'd make a few day's worth at a time. Did this for DD last summer- great to take in the cooler when traveling too, always something hearty I knew she'd eat any time of day. (she was about 18 mos).
I've also made something from called swiss fruit salad. It's similar, but you make a big bowl - oats, milk, honey, then you chop up whatever fresh fruits you want. The lady I got the recipe from regularly did oranges, bananas, apples (shredded), plums, and nectarines. it was delish! Some like to microwave for a few seconds so it's not so cold, but I always like it fresh out of the fridge- like desert for breakfast!
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