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Re: Morning Sickness

i'm so sorry you are sick! it's awful! anyway, i don't really have much to offer as mine was seemingly unstoppable without medication. my ob only offered promethazine, so that meant i was asleep for 4 hours after taking it...but at least i wasn't puking. next time i'll be trying zofran if it's bad again.

the one thing my family doctor and ob both said was just to eat whatever worked - don't worry about nutrition, especially at the first part of the pregnancy. to avoid being hospitalized with a central line, i learned to eat whatever sounded good and was quick to get down (rice-a-roni was a favorite), and then lay completely still and keep swallowing like crazy for 40 minutes to an hour to let it get mostly out of my stomach. then i'd get up and puke whatever was left. but it did stop the crazy weight loss, so he didn't hospitalize me.

just hang in there! it's so hard, but it does end, and then you get a sweet little baby.
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