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Re: Morning Sickness

Try to chew on peppermint gum, Ginger used to give me heart burn.
Put lemons in your water, raspberry leaf tea with hunny, Peppermint tea with hunny, acually mix them together. Frozen yogurt or yogurt. I used to eat peanutbutter on a spoon.
Stay away from
Fried, greasy foods, spicy, onions, cabbage, caffeine.
This info came out of my pregnancy book from Dr Sears page 20-21

I used to eat Odwalla bars, you can get them at the store, strawberry is the best, chocolate is good to. the fist bite is hard but after that it usually helps. I think its the protein in them.
I also drank "Naked Fruit" they are expensive $2.99 but they are so great, smoothie almost
I love the bannana and strawberry or the blueberry energy.
Hope this helps...
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