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Having a woman present who has given birth vaginally can cut your chance of c/s by half! For my first vba2c I had a great friend who had also had a vbac as a labor support person. For my second, I hired a doula since we were in a new state and didn't have anyone I felt comfortable with yet. By my third, I felt pretty confident and DH and I went it alone, but I had more complications during that labor. I am a firm believer that women need women during labor, and esp during a vbac.

Stay active and change positions a lot during labor and be willing to try something new. When my labor stalled during vbac#1 - the nurse suggested I try laying down on my left side. I had been walking and rocking and sitting up in bed, anything but laying down. Go figure, laying down is what worked. He was born 45 minutes later. With vbac#3 I had tried everything and was trying the left side thing too and no go. I suddenly told DH to help me sit in the lotus position in bed. Within 15 minutes I was complete! Trust yourself...and be open. Good luck! You can do it!
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